Statement Regarding Nada Surf’s show on Wednesday, March 11 at La Cigale in Paris

Suite aux nouvelles dispositions mises en place concernant le Coronavirus qui interdisent les rassemblement de plus de 1000 personnes en lieu confiné, nous avons décidé avec Nada Surf, de maintenir le concert à la Cigale, ce mercredi 11 mars.
Afin d’éviter une annulation ou un report, le groupe a décidé d’effectuer 2 représentations identiques dans la soirée : une à 19h00 et une à 21h15.
Nous ferons entrer une première moitié du public sur le concert de 19h00 et les personnes suivantes sur celui de 21h15.
Ces horaires correspondent au début de chaque concert, l’ouverture des portes pour celui de 19h00 se fera à 18h00 et à 20h45 pour celui de 21h15.
Nous demandons aux personnes pouvant arriver tôt de se présenter pour le premier concert afin d’assurer l’accès à tout le monde aux deux shows.
Merci d’avance de votre compréhension.

Due to the Coronavirus situation in France that forbid all closed events above 1000 people, we decided to maintain Nada Surf concert in Paris on Wednesday, March 11th.
In order to avoid a cancelation or report, the band decided to do two identical shows on the same night : one at 7.00pm and one at 9.15pm.
A first half of the audience will be able to get in for the first show at 7.00pm and the other half for the 9.15pm show.
Those are the timings when the band will get on stage, doors opening for the 7.00pm show will be at 6.00pm and at 8.45pm for the 9.15pm show.
We ask people that are able to be there early to come for the first show so we can guarantee access to the shows for everyone.
Thank you all for your understanding.


New “So Much Love” Video and Fan Contest

Check out the new video for ‘So Much Love’ here:

And today we’re announcing a fan video contest for the track. 
From Matthew:
“I’ve described this song so many different ways. It’s about good will between people, it’s about our ability to find positivity even while in difficult circumstances, about seeing beauty everywhere by working to reframe our judgement. We’re good at feeling good and we’re good at feeling bad and we can spend a lifetime navigating that. All this is why it would be so exciting for us to see your interpretation of the song!” 

The band will select one entry as the winning video and promote that video via their socials and web site. In addition, the winner will receive a Fender Player Telecaster from Fender Guitars and a selection of merchandise and vinyl from Nada Surf. Fans and video makers interested in submitting their work must post their work on YouTube on or before April 30th with the hashtag #SoMuchLove.

“I’ve always believed that how someone hears a song is just as valid as what the writer was feeling when they wrote it. If it makes you want to make something, please do, we’d be thrilled!”