Nada Surf – Live at the Henry Fonda Theatre, 2006

In celebration of the 15th Anniversary of ‘The Weight is a Gift’ we’re excited to share this recently discovered vintage broadcast of a show from ‘The Weight Is A Gift’ tour.

Recorded in February of 2006 at Los Angeles’ Henry Fonda Theater, here’s the original broadcast along with some newly uncovered (and unaired footage!), in all its non-widescreen glory. (Please note, there are some cuts in the footage due to the commercial breaks that it originally aired with).

“Never Not Together” Twitter Listening Party

Join the band on Friday, December 18 at 10pm UK / 5pm EST / 2pm PST for a “Never Not Together” Tim’s Twitter Listening Party! twitter/LlSTENlNG_PARTY
if you’ve never participated in one of these, you might love it. everyone listens to the whole album at the same time while the band tweets out thoughts and stories and photos. a really cool way to hang out together apart!

“Never Not Together” Deluxe Version Release Day

The digital, deluxe version of “Never Not Together” is out today! It includes three new songs, an orchestral version of “Looking for You” and acoustic, Spanish and French versions of “So Much Love.” Stream or download the album here

Bonus Track Listing: 
  1. So Much Love – Acoustic
  2. Between the Wars
  3. Stories Going ‘Round
  4. Under the Linden Tree
  5. Looking for You  – Orchestral
  6. Tanto Amor (So Much Love)
  7. Tant d’Amour (So Much Love)